Lake Superior Rockhounding Class

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  • ADVENTURE 1–The Basics (4 segments)

This adventure traces silica from its cosmic source through Universe, Solar system, and Earth formation.  All periods of Earth history are described.  The source of silica is the focus because it is the mineral that makes agate, which is featured in the second adventure.

  • ADVENTURE 2–Lake Superior Rocks and MInerals (5 segments)

This adventure provides information about the geology of the Lake Superior region, agate formation, the formation of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks, how to identify rocks, and how to find agates.  (Note:  A brand new method of agate hunting is introduced.)

The second adventure includes information about the Lake Superior region because the Gitche Gumee Museum, which is responsible for the development of this class) is located in Grand Marais, MI on the south shore of Lake Superior.

In total this class includes two adventures, nine segments, 710 screens, 86 movies, and over 1,200 graphics — all with unlimited access from the registering computer for only $35!

NOTE:  The software used to develop this online class can only be accessed from a laptop computer, desktop computer, or other computer with a keyboard.