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Thank you everyone for being patient with the launch of these Online Rockhounding Adventures.  When I started this project two years ago, I had absolutely no idea that it require as much effort as it did.

Before launching yesterday, we tested all of the links as well as we could from our end.  Hopefully, the process of registering, paying, participating, and returning to these adventurs goes smoothly.  If you have any problems, please send me an email at  I will do what ever I can to remedy the problem.


I spent over 5,000 hours and a lot of money developing these online adventures.  I originally planned on creating and launching one to two new classes per year.  However, sales have not met expectations so I reluctantly have decided to not produce any more adventures.  Instead, I will concentrate on creating educational DVDs, and perhaps more books.  When I made this decision at the end of 2014, I sent emails to all those participants who purchased the Full Subscription.  If you did not get this email, please contact me at